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Bremer Financial Corporation

Bremer Financial Corporation, headquartered in St. Paul, MN, is a financial services company with a firm foundation in the Midwest. Founded in 1943 by Otto Bremer, the Company provides a comprehensive range of banking, wealth management, investment, trust and insurance products throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Bremer Financial Corporation recently surpassed $11 billion in assets and decided to capitalize on its strong growth and momentum by adding two new directors to its board. Specifically, it wanted additional expertise in banking, as well as marketing and brand awareness. Having worked successfully with LymanDoran in the past, Bremer’s Governance Committee engaged the firm and its principals to find these two different leaders.

Building intellectual capital

Bremer Financial Corporation operates in a highly regulated space, and the board search involved finding those with the highest ethics and integrity, but also vision and creativity to support service and market expansion.

By January 2017, LymanDoran had created candidate profiles for each unique role. By early May, the two finalists were hired and on board, both bringing a strong understanding of effective governance practices as well as functional versatility in areas such as information technology.

“We could not be more pleased with the outcome of this process,” says Ron James, Bremer Financial Corporation board chair. “The board of directors is excited to have these accomplished leaders join us. Not only for their skills and experiences, but for their fit with Bremer’s culture and its values.”

LymanDoran will continue to support the new board members’ assimilation and onboarding.

“The time is right for Bremer to invest in building and growing, and these two new board members are key in helping us address evolving market and technological needs,” says Jeanne Crain, President and CEO of Bremer Financial Corporation. “It all came together as planned. It was not only expeditious, but the quality of candidates presented was outstanding.”

Financial Services



Executive Search
When Bremer Financial Corporation, an $11B regional financial services organization, decided to capitalize on its strong growth and momentum by adding two new directors to its board, it turned to LymanDoran, a trusted partner from previous engagements. After scoping the two distinctive roles, LymanDoran led the search for new directors who not only had the necessary skills, but who also embodied the Organization’s commitments and values and who were committed to the success of the institution.