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Rahr Corporation
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The Organization

Founded in 1847 by William Rahr, Rahr Corporation is still owned and operated by the Rahr family, now in its fifth and sixth generations. The Corporation has two main operating subsidiaries, Rahr Malting Company (RMC) and Brewers Supply Group (BSG), both of which are headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota. RMC produces and distributes malt for the brewing and food industries, with malt plants in (Shakopee) Minnesota, Alberta and British Columbia, and a barley elevator in North Dakota. BSG offers a full array of products and support for the craft brewers, winemakers, home fermentation retailers, craft distillers and cider makers throughout North America.

Rahr is a recognized player in the beer and malting industry and has grown significantly in the past decade. Throughout its history and recent expansion, the Company has upheld its founder’s legacy and maintained a strong values-based culture, continually investing in its people, facilities and products. As the Company continues to grow and diversify, additional business divisions have been added including:

  • BSG Hops is based in the Yakima Valley of Washington supplying the brewing industry with the highest quality hops.
  • BSG International holds BSG’s overseas investments, partnerships and subsidiaries including Bevie and Bintani.
  • Gambrinus Malting is rooted in the Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada. As a German-style malthouse they create unique, small batch specialty malts from premium North American barley and wheat.
  • Koda Energy is an environmentally friendly energy joint venture project between Rahr Malting and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC).
  • Bushel Boy grows vine-ripened tomatoes in greenhouses in Owatonna, Minnesota.

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The Board of Directors

Rahr has been overseen by a Board of Directors (Board) since its inception. Since 1980, the Board has been comprised of a combination of family and outside independent directors, and currently consists of two family members and six external members. The Board meets quarterly for a day and a half typically at Rahr’s corporate headquarters in Shakopee, Minnesota and occasionally at a business division’s location.

As the Board plans for the retirement of two well-respected and long-tenured external directors, they are seeking a new director whose skills and experiences will add, enrich and compliment those of the rest of the Board.

Chairman of The Board:

John Haffenreffer (2005*), President, Stifel Bank & Trust

Board Members:

Roger Headrick (1986*), Retired, HMCH Ventures, Pillsbury, Exxon
John Heck (2016*), SVP, The Scoular Company
Frank Karsbergen (1999*), Retired, Nidera, Amylum Aalst, Cargill
Bob Michelletti (2012*), Retired, Rahr Malting, Pillsbury
Doug Power (2018*), Global Head of M&A and Corporate Strategy, General Mills
Willie Rahr (2005*), President/CEO, Rahr Corporation
Dave Wyckoff (2002*), Chairman and CEO, Wyckoff Farms

*Year joined

Key Responsibilities

Visionary and Strategic Leadership

  • Provide visionary leadership and ideation for business growth and diversification.
  • Effectively partner with Executive Management to develop the overall Company strategic plans and ensure alignment and adherence to organizational goals.
  • Evaluate the strategy of the Company and approve significant actions for implementation of the strategy, including acquisitions, major expenditures, distribution and financing programs.

Operational and Financial Leadership

  • Provide oversight on Company operations, P&L and balance sheet to achieve financial goals and drive operational efficiency and excellence.

Organizational Leadership

  • Provide collective and individual counsel to the President/CEO and other members of senior management, as appropriate.
  • Provide for the timely and orderly replacement of Directors.
  • Ensure that a comprehensive and orderly succession plan is in place for all senior management positions in the Company, especially the President/CEO.
  • Specify accountabilities, evaluate performance and determine the appropriate compensation for the President/CEO; ensure that executive compensation policies are consistent with shareholder interests and all current regulatory initiatives.

Leadership Competencies

As a member of Rahr’s Board, the Director is expected to demonstrate the following leadership competencies:


Provides fresh and innovative ideas and perspectives to the Board. Recognizes when it’s time to shift strategic direction and anticipates the evolution and the future. Shows initiative and looks for new approaches and creative solutions. Demonstrates experience in offering forward thinking and creative insights combined with the ability to exercise sound business judgement. Dedicated to furthering organizational growth and diversification goals and objectives.


Sees the business holistically. Understands the market and identifies and takes advantage of opportunistic trends. Understands and accounts for long-term implications in planning and decision-making. Effectively views complex, ambiguous and partial information. Accurately identifies, gathers and evaluates growth and diversification opportunities.

Business and Financial Acumen

Balances short-term objectives with long-term goals. Demonstrates sound knowledge of products, services, customer requirements and production capabilities, limitations and opportunities. Demonstrates functional and technical proficiency in the areas of finance, sales and marketing, and production. Confidently operates utilizing financial information, metrics and common reporting formats, and correspondingly, able to assimilate large quantities of information and draw the salient conclusions.

Collaboration and Relationship Orientation

Effectively buildsrapport, support and trust with all kinds of people. Culturally aware and sensitive. Demonstrates the ability to connect with and influence highly skilled and accomplished individuals. Possessesability to take an alternative stance to prevailing points of view and constructively challenges status quo while demonstrating diplomacy, sensitivity, value and respect of alternative points of view. Ability to adjust point of view. Models excellence, positivity and the highest level of integrity.


Provides clear, compelling and transparent verbal and written communication skills. Excellent listener and consistent contributor to discussions. Demonstrates a strong desire to engage.

Ideal Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will be a current senior executive who possesses a strong track record of success and an approachable executive presence, including the following skills and experiences:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required; MBA, JD or Engineering degree preferred.
  2. Exceptional and well-respected senior executive and leader in a growth-oriented business; CEO, President, CFO, COO, CMO, CHRO, or business division leader experience preferred.
  3. Successful history of driving growth and profitability for her/his organization including proven success developing and deploying strategies to drive both organic and inorganic growth and diversification; mergers and acquisitions, integration, private equity and/or deal structuring experience preferred.
  4. Prior board of directors experience or significant board meeting participation is required; public company and/or family board experience is preferred.
  5. Passion for innovation and astrong understanding of, and appreciation for, the nuances of the industry in which they have worked.
  6. Demonstrated abilities understanding, interpreting and utilizing financial reports and data.
  7. Demonstrated commitment to best practices or leadership experience in administrative functions including human resources, organizational development and succession planning, information technology and/or legal services is preferred.
  8. Experience with multinational/international business, manufacturing and/or sourcing preferred.
  9. Substantial operating exposure within a business environment with comparatively high overhead, capital allocation and cost structure and where transportation, logistics and warehousing are important.
  10. Experience in agriculture, agribusiness, food processing, CPG, ingredients, Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) or a related industry experience preferred.
  11. Exceptional communication skills and skilled operating in an environment that values respectful and open communication. A track record of developing her/his organization to collaborate and work across functions for better
  12. Ability to be a long-standing Board Member; able to devote sufficient time to prepare for, attend and contribute during quarterly board meetings. Free of any business conflicts that might compromise independence, as determined by the Board.A strong work ethic, clear demonstration of honesty and integrity, and the highest ethical standards are assumed.

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David Lyman