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THE BEAM // Special Edition: Family/Founder 1.1

Recruiting Outside Talent

Hiring outside talent can be a daunting task for family- and founder-owned companies, but it is a task that most business owners will have to tackle at some point. For many entrepreneurs and family business owners, companies represent much more than a financial investment, which can make the thought of bringing in external leadership especially intimidating. There are many factors that must be considered beyond the standard hiring process to ensure that whomever is brought in will honor the company’s legacy.

A recent Inc. article titled “7 Considerations When Hiring Professionals for a Family Business” outlines important questions that entrepreneurs and family business owners should work through when recruiting outside talent. Throughout our history of working with privately held companies, we have used similar questions and have found them to be an essential part of the process to help family- and founder-owned business transition to outside leadership.

We hope you find this article helpful in framing up your conversations about recruiting outside professionals to join your leadership team.