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THE BEAM // Special Edition: Private Equity 1.2

Portfolio Company Boards of Directors

At LymanDoran, we understand that having a strong Board of Directors can not only be an invaluable asset, but a key to success. With condensed time horizons, effectively leveraging a board becomes even more crucial for private equity-owned companies. Boards comprised of the right leaders can provide needed expertise, credibility and strategic direction to achieve ROI.

The significance of appointing a Board of Directors in private equity-owned companies is highlighted in an article published in a recent issue of NACD’s Directorship magazine. Though not required by law to employ a board, many of them do because they realize the value of having an effective board. “Effective” is the key word here. It is crucial to seek out directors that will bring a diverse perspective and drive innovation. Operating partners with only investment banking backgrounds will not provide the same level of expertise as outside directors who have extensive experience to draw from.

If you are struggling to find the right talent, look to resources like Women in the Boardroom or engage a partner like LymanDoran who understands private equity portfolios and governance.

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