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THE BEAM // Special Edition: Nonprofit 2.1

Finding Talent in Unexpected Places

LymanDoran often encourages our clients to consider candidates from outside the industry as a means of gaining the skills needed to drive organizational strategy. While we recognize the learning curve required to get up to speed in a new industry, we also see the potential value of infusing executives with unique perspectives on boards and leadership teams. The same can be said of cross-sector experience, where leaders with corporate backgrounds can bring valuable experience to the nonprofit world.

In this article, a seasoned leader with experience in both arenas shares her thoughts about the benefits of taking advantage of these differing perspectives, noting the value gained by simply “asking questions that are not the status quo.” When hiring your next executive or recruiting for your Board of Directors, think about opening up your aperture to consider leaders who may not have nonprofit experience, but who can add something to your organization’s toolkit that doesn’t already exist.