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THE BEAM // Special Edition: Nonprofit 1.1

Asking the Hard Questions
In our experience working with nonprofits, we have seen leaders and boards that partner effectively to move the organization forward, and we have seen others that struggle to be successful. The largest difference between the two is their ability to ask the hard questions.

A recent McKinsey article titled “The Four Questions to Ask When Serving on a Nonprofit Board” outlines important questions that both board members and nonprofit leaders should consider in order to help their organizations perform better. While these issues apply to all nonprofits, using this framework can help uncover other questions that are specific to the organization.

Identifying the difficult questions is step one, but to truly be successful, it is essential that nonprofit leaders create a culture within their boards of directors where people are encouraged to contribute and ask questions without fear of appearing uninformed. Without the foundation of trust and respect, progress is rarely made.

At LymanDoran, we have helped many nonprofits make this cultural shift. Visit our website to learn more.