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THE BEAM // Special Edition: Governance 1.1

Risk Oversight
If there’s anything that keeps Directors up at night, it’s responsibility for Risk Oversight. After the financial crises and cyber attacks of late, many of us are wondering, “What’s next?”

Risk oversight has emerged as one of the top priorities – if not the top priority – in governance. Yet, figuring out how to approach the amorphous topic of Risk in a systematic, holistic way that balances performance and compliance, stays true to culture and is supportive of management, can be daunting. We have found Ernst & Young’s article, “The Critical Role of The Board in Effective Risk Oversight,” to be an invaluable tool to us as board members, and to our board clients. It offers a great framework for risk oversight, as well as provocative questions that each board member should be asking of herself and management in each board activity.

We hope that it will enable you as a board member to dig deeper on risk and rest easier.

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