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Spring 2019 // Anniversary Issue: Year 9

Did you know?

We’re a boutique firm with a national footprint. Our clients and placed candidates represent nearly half of the states in the US, and we regularly engage people in all fifty states, and internationally, as we develop high caliber candidate pools.


Culture Matching – The right skills and the right “stickiness”

Thoughtful work on the front end of a search results in great candidates with not only the right skillset, but who also will be additive to culture.

“With LymanDoran, they really want to understand what is going to be the right fit, what type of culture is the company. My sense is that they get that right more often than the others do. You’re not wasting your time on a whole bunch of candidates.”

“They have a warm, engaging demeanor and strive to really understand the culture of the organization so we not only get the right skills but the right ‘stickiness.’”


Our Consultative Practice – True consulting to help clients connect the dots

Clients appreciate our consultative approach – and that we’re not order takers. We provide strategic and market insights and are willing to have courageous conversations with our clients in order to get the right outcome for the long run.

“They listen. They ask really good questions. They are purposefully curious and curious with a purpose. It’s not just a great way for them to inform themselves, but also a great way for me as a client to be clear.”

“They do a broad map of the market, and give us feedback on what the market is demanding.”

“Based on the challenges we’re having in a search, they will come back and give us perspective on organization design. It is true consulting to help us connect the dots.”


Our Process – A high return on clients’ time

Our thorough process sets us apart from our competitors. This is what our clients have to say:

“We used to work with a lot of search firms. I don’t anymore. I try to go with LymanDoran because of the value from the team. The process is terrific. They save me a pile of time and give me a high return on my time.”

“When they do a pre-search interview, they ask us so many questions about leadership and culture that we don’t get from other firms.”

“They aren’t just slinging candidates at us. They are really absorbing our culture and what makes us unique.”

“It felt like we got a better caliber of candidates than last time from another firm.”


Diversity, equity and inclusion is a sustaining value for LymanDoran

We measure our performance in DEI throughout the process and in the results of our searches. We are proud to walk alongside our client partners on their DEI journeys and openly share our journey in the spirit of learning and betterment for all. Learn more.


High Score!

We have loyal and enthusiastic clients, as evidenced by our Net Promoter score of 88%. (When we learned that professional services firms average around 60%, all we could say is, “Wow!”)