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“As an executive search and leadership consulting firm, we are in a unique position to help reduce disparities in executive positions and improve equity through the search process and leadership development.”


At LymanDoran, we continuously evaluate our practices to make sure they are as inclusive as possible, while working in partnership with our clients to support their efforts not only to hire, but also to retain leaders from traditionally underrepresented communities.

In daily practice, this means we, as a firm, continually explore issues of equity, disparity and privilege, refine and define our firm’s goals, and apply real metrics to ensure we are moving beyond good intent to positive, measurable impact. We invest in developing the intercultural competence of our team and actively promote an inclusive workplace culture. We are deepening our relationships with associations and networks in diverse communities, and in addition to our own work, actively support community-based efforts aimed at reducing disparities in leadership ranks. In short, we are putting inclusion at the center of everything we do.